If you're like the majority of our clients, you’ve tried multiple modalities to eliminate pain and are at the end of your rope. With the vast majority of those cases, we simply need to alter our focus and concentrate on cause-driven therapy rather than symptom-driven therapy. Most clients forget that pain is your body's only way of communicating with you and is simply alerting you to the fact that something isn’t quite right! Most clients come in asking, "What’s wrong with me?" when the better question to ask is, "What’s my body trying to tell me?” Once that happens, you’ll discover the root cause of your symptom and experience a life free of pain and limitation.


We also specialize in sports performance, helping athletes return to competition pain free while decreasing their chances of future injury. If you are looking to gain an on-field edge, join numerous professional athletes, including PGA legend Jack Nicklaus, and NFL players John Lynch, Marshawn Lynch, Junior Seau, Justin Tuck, and Brian Urlacher, in using The Egoscue Method and PatchFitness to enhance your performance and extend your career.


Or, maybe you are someone who simply wants to increase your energy level and improve your overall health! Perhaps you’re feeling sluggish and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Did you know that your metabolism and immune system (as well as every other system in the body) are directly linked to your posture? By working with Egoscue, you’ll tap into your body’s ability to not only rid itself of pain but also heal itself of disease and sickness. We are here to help with all of it!